Rodney - AUS-2

- Rodney


My wife and I just returned from our adventure with the guys from Rusa Island Outfitters in New Caledonia, we both agree that this trip is definitely at the top of the list for our best holiday and hunting adventures to date. Adrian and Alexi Skok sure no how to deliver an enjoyable, memorable and exciting experience. They were eager to accommodate our personal requests of great accommodation, food and entertainment for my non hunting wife and my desire to chase a mature Rusa Stag. Adrian had partnered me up with a gentleman from South Carolina also named Parker. 

Seeing hundreds of deer per day is quite normal, but having to spend time to decide which one of the shooter class stags you may choose to stalk is not something everyone may have experienced before. But is a good problem to have, both 

Parker and I each killed exceptional stags, and I was blessed to take a once in a lifetime stag with antlers measuring just over 38” long with good tines and plenty of mass. He unofficially scored as a SCI Gold Medal stag. Thank you, as we have made lifelong memories and friendships with all, our guides, hunters and their wives. We can’t recommend the experience and Outfitters enough, a big thanks again to Rusa Island Outfitters.

Pam - CAN-2

- Pam


What a wonderful experience! Rusa Island Outfitters really made this trip one for the books! The scenery was something you dream about, and the hunting, well what can I say…. Listening to the roars of these magnificent animals was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. We can as a family of 3 and each took great stags after exciting action-packed hunts! 

Fantastic people, amazing scenery, delicious food and of course, the Rusa hunting! What more could you ask for? Thanks Adrian and Alexei for the unforgettable memories!

Mick - USA-2

- Mick


After getting over Jetlag, our attentions turned to the main reason we came to the island, and that was to hunt the majestic Javan Rusa Stag. A breeding pair was given to the island by the king of Java in the mid 1800s. Unmolested by predators, they grew exponentially to an estimated 500,000 animals by the beginning of World War II. Our servicemen and their quest for fresh meat reduced that number to something like 50,000 by the wars end. As a cook on a naval ship my dad had a hand in this. They have since rebounded magnificently, and are basically everywhere on the island along with turkeys and some wild boar. My longtime friend and hunting companion, Cliff from Albuquerque booked this trip with Rusa Island Outfitters, and were guided very capably by its owner Adrian Skok. The whole operation was extremely well run and we were both very impressed, and we have hunted in many locations across the globe. We took four nice stags in four days, and each day looked at literally hundreds and hundreds of animals. The pictures of the landscape would appear to have little dots on them but if you blow them up, you will see that they are actually deer. On the fifth and last day we set out crab traps and made a great feast. Highly recommended.


- Dale


I recently had the opportunity to hunt with Rusa Island Outfitters for Javan Rusa Stags on the French Territorial Island of New Caledonia. Although I had spoken with Adrian throughout the booking process about the Islands thriving deer population, I did not fully comprehend the sheer quantity of deer that we would see! Rusa numbers literally in the thousands each day, and multiple shooter quality stags spotted each time we went out. Upon identifying what looked like a quality stag, Adrian would methodically assess the animal, including me in his evaluation, and we would determine the animal’s merits. Adrian would make recommendations based on what I was looking for, not just something he thought should be taken. After looking at all kinds of stags, Adrian’s attention to detail presented me with the opportunities to connect with two beautiful old Rusa stags. After the deer hunting component was complete, hunting some New Caledonian Rio Grande Wild Turkeys was just the icing on the cake.

What a South Pacific adventure it was! The hunt exceeded all my expectations. Adrian went above and beyond both in the field as my guide, but also before the hunt during the booking and Q&A process. The accommodations are a perfect getaway for couples, and once the hunting itself is done, there are many other unique opportunities on the island available to extend this vacation-type hunting destination. We feel we have truly made lifelong friends with Adrian and Alexei and look forward to planning more exciting adventures together soon. It was second to none. Thank you!


- Jordan


Back in August of 2019, my father and I travelled to New Caledonia in hopes of taking a couple big Rusa stags. Upon arrival at the property, I was in awe of the amount of deer roaming the area freely. Adrian was constantly having to calm me, and it was then realized we had come to the right place. Not only did we easily see over 1000 deer a day, but as a credit to Adrian, he has a very specific criteria that validates a shootable animal. These conservation techniques ensures that it is possible for hunters to go to places such as New Caledonia and have high chances of scoring on a proper high-end stag.
To this day, my fondest hunting memory is indeed with Adrian, after stalking a big stag and watching it fight, breed and fight again, all in the span of a few minutes. I was shaking looking through the scope, appreciating the incredible story behind this stag that now hangs proudly on my wall. As I have gluten and lactose intolerance, my primary concern about going overseas is always the element of food. However, Adrian made it very easy for me, taking me down to the shops and to buy food I needed for the week; a task that would have been impossible without his ability to fluently speak French. I cannot recommend Adrian and his services enough. Everything from transportation to processing the animal was very professionally executed. I will not only return, but will definitely be bringing friends to share this amazing and unforgettable experience with me.

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